When do you text back?

I've gotten numbers before, but every time the same thing happens. I text her, her back to me, then me to her, her back to me, then me to her...then nothing. What gives? Do I text back? No? Yes? If I do, when? Like how long do I wait? I don't wanna seem creepy or weird.


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  • Couple things... if you said something creepy or weird then yeah she's probably trying to avoid you now. But what was told to me a couple years back is you want them to be the last one to text. It keeps them guessing what your thinking and what you are doing and if they said something to scare you off and why your not texting back. So that might be what they are doing to you. Trying to keep you on your toes. Or you said something to make them not want to talk to you anymore

  • my rule is to always wait a bit just in case. It could be that they forgot because they were busy, or are in the middle of doing something. Usually, it has nothing to do with you.

    If you are really into this girl, wait a day or two, and if she doesn't contact you, go ahead and text her. I

    When I'm into a guy, I like to hear from him often, every day if I can. So, I would say don't feel bad about texting her tomorrow.


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