My ex won't leave me alone

so 3 years ago I was dumped by this girl for my older brother. after shutting myself off from the world ever since, I've been depressed, after being hurt again I was my depression became dangerous. then I met my baby, the girl I can't stop thinking bout. she's my everything and we are in love. only problem, my ex from 3 years back is jealous and won't leave me alone. she keeps calling and sending me messages, I told her off but she came back, she's nuts, she even started with my current girlfriend. how do I get this idiot outta my life

i love my baby


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  • Forget about her, ignore her & tell her to kiss you & yur baby girls ass.

    • That doesn't help him at all smart 1

    • Oh and make fun of my boyfriend again and I PROMISE you ill make sure that you won't have any teeth left to eat with. I'm not with dis petty sh*t, so I won't be writting back. AND BTW YOU CAN KISS MY ASZ! (SMilEs&GigGleS] :)

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  • You might consider threatening legal action. or taking it.

    Otherwise, just ignore her. Block her number with your phone companies. Don't talk to her. The more attention she gets, the harder she might try. Just move on with your life and show through your actions that you have moved on. Don't tell her, she can find any hidden meanings in your words she wants. Stay close to the girl you love and make it clear to everyone and anyone that she is the only one for you. Let no one, especially this girl, doubt that.

  • get a restraining order; or you could dump your girlfriend for her; (btw hah sucks for you; you got dumped for your older brother)

    • Bitch who in the hell you think you talking to, that's my boyfriend and I was playing around with him & 1st of all hoe yur f***ing with the WRONG ONE!

    • Dont call me the bitch; I don't know you and you don't know me; I'm giving the advice like seriously just get a restrainging order that wayy shell leave you the f*** alone also; so just chIIIIIIll

  • i love this little fight below

    • I blocked u, why won't get outta my life

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    • Really you are threatening me, some nerve, you better watch yourself, calling me a hoe, please. bitch ill beat your ass

    • Hahaha! Beat my ass? I dnt think so... Not to be rude or anything but just leave us the hell alone. Oh and also, that last comment wasn't a threat, it was a promise.

      Thank you, and have a nice day :)

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  • Block every single form of contact with her, then tell your girlfriend to do the same.

    Threaten to sue her for harassment if she keeps bugging.


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