He is suddenly missing his ex?

So I'd been dating this guy for a month and things were amazing we were always together and then he suddenly stopped wanting to hang out and I told him I loved him. Maybe a mistake but I meant it. It's been a totally different experience than with my ex who I was with 7 years. This guy treated me so good and I did the best to do the same for him.
We work together but in different buildings. He was too shy to ask me out at first but he was like begging my friend to tell him about me and try to get my number. And he finally got brave and asked me out and we had an amazing time. This whole month has been amazing. He said it was the best sex he's ever had and I totally agree. But then he kinda ghosted on me and when I said i love you he said there's no way I could.
And after that he broke up with me and said he still misses his ex that left him for another guy. Which they hadn't been broke up very long but this was all of a sudden and things were fine before.
He said he's not ready for a relationship and has been avoiding me.
I just need some advice cause I'd really like us back together it's just happened really fast


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  • that's simple. he got scared when you said you loved him, he wasn't prepare for a relationship like that, maybe he thought it wasn't that serious. it's not fair with you , he should at least clear things up with you


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