Should I break up with her? (Girls and Guys)?

We've been together for a decent amount of time, but now I'm moved away. We're still together long distance but the odds of us ever really seeing each other in person are very slim. Should I break up with her? I really would hate to hurt someone like that but I'm not sure if it would be the right thing to do in the long run. I don't want either of us to keep thinking we have an obligation to each other if there's nothing there anymore.
What do you think I should do?


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  • if u love her then don't break up... but if u don't feel for her anymore... try to make a calm situation n speak ur heart out to her... from my point of view long distance relationships are difficult to manage but if u love someone (badly ) its worth it...❤
    but since u have so less of chances to meet her... as u told... try to solve it with her.. she will understand u... may be she's also in the same dilemma


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  • Tell her your problems. It can be worked out. Don't say that you wanna break up. Just know her opinions on the relationship.


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  • breakup, and how old is she?

    • We're both the same age. Juniors in high school this year.

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    • lmao, I've done it and honestly what's actually the difference between breaking up via text and breaking up face to face?

      plus, you two have a LDR I think she'll understand that you couldn't actually do it IRL

    • but just breakup with her before you lead her in even more

  • break up


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