I want him back. Help?

Last Tuesday (about 8 days ago), I broke up with my boyfriend. It was nothing he did, he was amazing and loyal and the best guy I have ever met. He was so respectful and so kind, I don't know what I was thinking breaking up with him.
I thought that maybe I was just too young to be dating anyone seriously, and that I wanted to focus on improving myself and spending time with my friends and family. 2 days after the break up though, I began to really regret it.
We haven't really had any contact but, I miss him so much. And I have a feeling he feels the same (he's been posting things on his snapchat story and on facebook that make me think so).
How do I get him back? He's been in a foreign country for a month and a half now, and gets back this Friday, and so I had to break up with him via text. Should I reach out to him? Should I text him? I don't know what to do but all I know is that I want to get back together.
Someone help me. Do I wait? Do I message him Friday? Do I go to his house and tell him to come outside? What do I do?


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  • Message him as soon as you can before he starts to get over you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell him your feelings before it's to late!! Send him a message tell him the truth


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  • say it was a mistake. your not to young I've heard of people starting to date when there like 13 and end up marrying each other. go to his house Friday and get him back

  • tell him what you're telling us, he'll understand


What Girls Said 1

  • so you broke up with him over a text?

    • yeah just message him. Then when he gets back Friday don't overcrowd him he just got back might have jetlag. I guess let life take its course

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