Why did my ex block me on fb after I deleted him?

Okay so we knew each other for a while we've talked before here and there. He's also like my bro to my best friend. They grew up together but they not so close that the same time.
Anyway, he would always flirt but I never really Do anything. Haha I did think he was cute but yee I never did anything. But then one month we just started texting and we kept going for I don't know how many. But then we only dated for roughly 2 months before we broke up.
i go to school and work two jobs and he works a lot too and we live like 1.5 hours away from each other we could only see each other once every week. Cause of work schedules.
He said he didn't wanna end it but it felt like he was dating his phone and not me. I kept trying to made plans so we can see each other more. (Didn't seem to good just 2 hours on weekday and more on weekends) I felt as if he wasn't trying and we ended kinda in argument. Mostly me saying that he's not caring and why should I. And I told him I was deleted him from my social meaid to forget him. So I deleted him fb and snap that same day. Then I find out he blocked me on fb. We broke up just recently too. Like 3 days ago..
I don't know I felt like he hates me now I mean he blocked me it makes me feel like everything he told me was a lie and he never cared. But when we where dating I could see it and I don't know we had great chemistry it was just the distance thing not working I don't know I just need advice
Why did my ex block me on fb after I deleted him?
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