Why would he ask that?

Why would he ask a magic 8 ball if I was going to leave him? He is the longest relationship of my life.. he treats me like I'm just a person rather than his girlfriend. We been arguing the past 3 days. It's hard. I'm just hurt because he'd ask a dumb toy a dead serious question. And everything else. He came to my house and yelled at me today. Because of an comment I made to my friend.. "I'm about over my relationship, all we do is fight anymore😂😂" literally what I said.


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  • the fighting happen over the 8 ball or something else

    • There's a lot of things we've fought about.

    • All dumb stuff. I almost left him. But he refused to let me. He literally wouldn't let me go. But that's every time he fights. He freaks out and says in gonna leave when in reality I'm not.

    • sounds like you too just need to sit and talkabout stuff what upsets him and what upsets you and y

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