How do I regain self-respect and confidence after a break-up from a one-sided relationship?

My fault for sticking onto one guy only. I should have dated other men and didn't bother to work out the relationship with an emotionally unavailable man. It was emotionally tiring and realize that it isn't worth it. I feel very stupid of myself for fighting for that relationship. I'm happy because I'm relieved and so he is because he doesn't want responsibilities and commitment. He just wants fun, s*x and no strings attached. I'm happy that I can focus more on myself and priorities because he isn't the one that I need.


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  • u simply hold Ur head up and tell urself in the mirror everyday
    "im a strong ass muthaf***a and I deserve respect and anyone would be blessed to be able to match me in my journey"

    • I went through a relationship that could have made anyone want to hurt themselves... all one sided and extremely manipulative. let's just say I went through hell to only find out on the 1year anniversary that he had liked to me about his last name... which makes the long story short of how many other things came to light...(4kids-wife of 16yrs.. etc..) I had to hold my head up. and I told myself that everyday. I handed my life and happiness to the man upstairs that I knew couldn't disappoint. I'm happier than iv ever been.

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    • Wow. Tough cookie. I'm proud of you! I'm not religious either BUT I know that when you pray, HE guides you. Sometimes, He allows us to make wrong decisions. My intuition was right from the start when I met my ex, however, it was my first time to deal with an emotionally unavailable man. I was challenged, inspired that his heart might open BUT this is the lesson I learned. Fly away, leave the relationship soon and don't waste time fighting for nothing. No matter how your partner is a good potential, if the guy wasn't smitten yet and not ready for anything serious, the decision to make is to LEAVE.

      I can now give an advice to many to leave any one-sided relationship. The one is always happy while the other one suffers. This is so unfair, emotionally tiring, degrading and a complete waste of time.

      Thanks for your help.

    • absolutely. be good to urself. 😉😉

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  • that's what happens when you date pretty bois. you had it coming for being ignorant he was just using you.

    • He wasn't even a pretty boy at ALL!!!

    • yea right. girls sleep around only with pretty bois. where I live, Asians girls have sex regularly with white guys. the girl eventually gets all clingy n shit. the guy gets tired of it and leaves.
      that's one fact about girls and girls. guys find you less pretty after sleeping with you. whereas girls find guys more attractive after having sex.

  • easily so many ways to do that

    • What are the ways?

    • make ur thinking strong, in positive way make new frds , do fun talk to them enjoy its the way

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