Ex told me we was done for good yet he messaged me something so random?

Met this guy in Facebook he went to my high school last year but decided to go back to his school and I never really took much notice of him whilst he was at my school and then a year later in may we started talking and we just clicked talking about everything and anything he quickly swept me off my feet and asked me to be his I said yes and everything was going so good he was showering me with compliments long paragraphs showering me with kisses and cuddle just love and affection that I always wanted you know. We met up a week later of being together and he wanted me to meet his parents and he meet mine that went well and he continued to be the perfect boyfriend a month into being together we both had sex wasn't awkward or anything it just happened after that we was still together happy and then unfortunately 17 June his uncle died and that's when things spiralled out of control he became distant didn't want to see me he basically stopped showing love to me he wouldn't even make the effort anymore and when we tried to see each other it wouldn't go to plan and then we started breaking up getting back together and it just carried on until yesterday I pushed him over the edge with all of the arguing he just said consider me gone and never bothered messaging me again after that happened he came back and said he still wants me in his life and he's lost. the Saturday Just go I had a go at him thinking there was someone else and this was really the last straw and so we stopped talking and he messaged me Saying I take it the thunder woke you up too if not you're lazy as fuuuuuck this was sent at 01:11 in the morning which is weird.. I got rid of him off all social media Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat deleted and blocked his number. Everything including pictures but he still has the picture of me and him on his instagram. He told me he was done for good then why is he still messaging me? by the way on school nights his wifi gets turned off at 10.


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  • That kinda message sounds like a drunk text, and i would ignore it and not give it a response.

    • No I don't think he was drunk that message was like a couple hours after I deleted him off all social media and it was thunder storms on Wednesday morning where we live.

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    • Good girl! That's how ya do it! 😁

    • thats actually quite sad though to message your ex a weird text saying I take it the thunder woke you up too like why do you care if it did or not luckily at the time I put him messaged on ignored so I couldn't receive them.

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