I'm confused on all this... what do you think he is doing?

Ok, this is going to be a lot so I'm sorry if it takes a long time for anyone go read this I don't have many people to talk to so..

I've been having issues going on with myself for months, I've been steadily feeding into bs thoughts, anger, jealousy, depression. I lost my mom several months ago, and since then my family life went into the hole. I've known him two years, we were together that long, we broke up now (I almost want to say break in spite of what he makes it seem from how he's acting, but I don't know), he won't let any of it go, anything with us. We didn't talk for sometime, about a week, until the mutal friend of ours was involved. That kinda pushed him to talk to me more (but he ended up thinking something was going on due to I went to their house with the parents consent to sleep on the couch). Nothing did happen which caused an issue in the later week. The first wed we met up tried to get all emotions out from there we didn't talk until Monday, I gave him time to cool down. I took my anger too far out on his brothers belongings I've been doing it for a couple of months, just minor things in general to everyone since I lost my mom... I think somehow... regardless I had a bad relationship with her she was my level head. The parents haven't tried to, I apologized to them and gave him the time he needed before I reached out. He isn't the type to even give anyone a chance to talk, when he's done he is and the fact what we had was a lot , spending most of our time together really all of it broke him. He did for some reason with me, it's had been.. a little more than 2 weeks with all of this, we talked every wed it seemed whether getting that idea from our friend that got involved I dont know, we talked things out both times frustrated, but for some reason it always left with us continuing to talk. We would just text, this past week, ever since it happened he wanted to understand why and I would tell him again and again, I dunno if any of this has made progress
I want to try to work things out, and I asked him why is that you keep talking and it's partially an unknown reason but partially because he cares so much he doesn't want to see me do more bad things, to get lost, to go down the wrong tube. And I'm glad I still have it, I just... we both wish it didn't end that way, nor wished it had happened, but I could barely talk about how I felt, I didn't know how, I need to work on my communication. I want to reestablish trust with him.
He knows what I want but he has no option and I can tell he wants it regardless but the fact it hasn't been that long likely stops him as well the facy I broke his heart and trust so bad nevertheless none of his family likes me.. We still have been joking around and he was more affectionate when we met, every time we did depending if he, wad tired or not he was or may have been in a bad mood instead. I just... I dunno what to do


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  • sorry for ur mom, i read thats so sad i can understand i tell uh only that when something have to happne than it obviasly happnes no one can do anything. it is better to move on now there is ur full life and so much fun waiting for uh out there , take a deep breath and forget allbthe things which is ur past and live in today dear thats good for you...

    and never think less people to talk to you, u can talk to me anytime i will like to be there for you and know you more🙂
    so smile now nd forget all the bad things


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  • He needs to stop dwelling on it. What's the point of repeating talking about it


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