Cheat on my boyfriend?

i had sex with someone else and I told my boyfriend not intentionally but thought that its better this way ... and again I did and I said ...

what does he feel? about me?


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  • He's probably thnking that you're the biggest scum on the planet. How could he be so blind and stupis to trust and commit to a woman who is disloyal, trash and whorish. He's thinking the biggest mistake he made was to emotionally invest his feelings for someone who isn't worthy of it. If he is head over heels in love with you, he may feel like crying, dying, or throwing you over a bridge. These feelings just may be temporary...But RIGHT NOW he may cut you off permanently...if he decided to resume his relationship with you, then he will guard himself from you emotionally. Men are not as forgiving as women when it comes to cheating. Real talk!

    -Good Luck!

    • No he is still in love with me he says I can't live without you !!!

    • Wow! Then you should marry this man. He makes up probably less tha 1% of the male population who would put up with a cheating female. Trust me, chances like this do not come often!

    • If you I really love a girl I might be able to put it aside. But if she keeps doing it i think i wouldn't be able to keep forgiving

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  • wow talk about a mangina (man and vagina put together). there's more than one p**** in this relationship and yes you are horrible girlfriend and a pretty bad person to. what you have is a doormat boyfriend. you can walk all over him and he will not care. he can walk in on you being gangbanged and he will still be in love with you. there is nothing you can do that he will break up with you for. either that or he's cheating on you and this makes him feel better. I heavily doubt that though because men who cheat still get p*ssed when their girlfriend cheats. if he was not a doormat boyfriend he would have immediately broke up with you, he would hate you, and never talk to you again. even though I doubt you will do this you should break up with him cause ain't breaking up with you anytime soon. you clearly don't care for him, and he is ignorantly in love with you.

    • Maybe he likes me because I dare to tell him the truth


  • I'm not him so I can't say, but I can say how I'd feel if I was in his position. I'd feel betrayed and very angry. I'd leave and never see you again.


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  • What you did was wrong , i think telling was the right thing to do but
    Just because you confess and regret does not mean you should be forgiven. It depends on the person. If he doesn't you should let him be and accept his decision. Dont make it harder on noth of you.

    He probably still cares about you that doesnot go in a second but he also would feel betrayed, and hurt. And even disqusted by you.

    Whether he can get over it or not depends. But i think even if he does forgive you, he wouldn't forget. You woll always be the girl that hurt him.


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