When is he going to take things farther with me?

I've been seeing this guy for a while and he told me he loves me, we spend everyday together! he used to be good friends with my ex and he still hasn't told him he's seeing me? and on top of that.. his ex girlfriend is always in the way he used to love her and claims he doesn't any more and he says they don't talk but I think they do. he's always so sweet with me but I'm getting tired of just being with him.. I want to be his girlfriend. and I'm scared to tell him that I love him to cause when his ex come running back (she always does) I don't no if he's gonna ditch me for her and then I get hurt :/ and me and him can't be friends it would be to hard, then he says if he did get back with her he would be cheating on her with me every night! but I told him he can't do that and that he had to choose and I don't know which of us he would choose when she decides she wants him again. I don't understand what he wants from me.


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  • woah woah woah...this kid has EVERYTHING backwards...i hope you have him read what I'm about to say...

    he needs to stop playing games with you, this whole "ex" situation isn't right, the one thing I think is good tho is that he's honest with you, to a certain extent...you obviously trust him but not enough to believe him when he says he isn't talking to his ex...you need to fix that or you guys will never work...

    now you need to repsect that his EX is his EX and that's where it ends, sure thye may be friends now, but hey sometimes that's happens...most of the time it doesnt.

    HE needs to respect that you aren't comfortable with him being friedns and talking with his ex and if he can't respect that then you need to move on and find someone that will respect that, I mean you aren't asking the world of him...

    im going to quote you here for a second..."he used to be good friends with my ex and he still hasn't told him he's seeing me" number one rule that I've always learned and it was actually from a chain email is this: IF A RELATIONSHIP HAS TO BE A SECRET, YOU SHOULDNT BE IN IT" - that's the truth...who wants to be hidden by their bf/gf, you want to be shown to the world, you want him or her to show you off and be fond of you...he obviously hasn't come to peace that you two like each other and he feelsuncomfortable to tell his buddy that he's dating you - now that is a big step for him to tell his buddy this since he was your ex, but if he likes you he's going to have to do it at some point or at least deal with the consequence of his buddy finding out behind his back...

    my advice is to sit down, tell him how you feel about him, let him know it makes your uncomfrtable that you feel "hidden", tell him you udnerstand why he hasn't told your ex but also bring up thequestion if he'd perfer him to find out face to face or behind his back...

    you need to confront him tho on how you feel and ask him what he wants from you, why does he expect you to wait for him to figure out if he wants his ex or you...no one and I mean no one should put their life on hold for anyone...be upfrotn and foreward about it, no yelling or screaming, just talk, be calm and relaxed, good luck kiddo

    • Thanks so much (: and like a week ago I brought him to a party with me, the night before he had met one of my friends he told me to leave the room cause he wanted to talk to her.. me the idiot did, I get back downstairs and she's right nest to him! so at the party the minute she gets there she runs to him they were smoking and drinking together all night, they kept walking off alone.. so the next day I see all my friends cause we al work at the same place and the girl works there and was going..

    • Around saying that she gave him a bj at the party and that he was trying to hookup with her since the night he met her and the night before (when I left the room) we were at my house and she was going around saying that he asked her for a hj when I left.. and I don't know whether to believe him or her like he says nothing happened and that she's gross and ik she's a liar but idk..

    • Stop giving him attention

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  • You're most likely a rebound. He can't get over his ex but is with you for wathever you're giving him. He's just a jerk, dump that kid.

  • When are you going to take matters into your own hands?

    If he says he loves you then he should have no problem being your boyfriend. If he can't commit to being your boyfriend or is unsure that he would take his ex back over you then it's time for you to move on to a guy that will commit 100%. Don't let him jerk you around. Make your feelings known to him and give him the option to be with you or hit the road.


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