How do I get my ex gf/bf to talk to me again?

It's a year since she left me, she was my Best friend and then she wanted to be my girlfriend, and we stayed together for three years.

I was really hurt when it ended, and I felt betrayed because she went to Japon just after that, and that was something we swore to do together. She could have waited a bit.

I couldn't talk to her utilise she got back, but when I tried, she ignored me. And now, she erased me from all of her social network, supposedly because of my behavior, because I tried to overcome my shyness around girls, by trying to talk to girls.

I sent her a letter, and she never answered. Her roomate told me to stop sending message (I send like three or four message over the whole year).

I really don't understand why she reject me like that, I don't understand what I might have done either.

If you​ have even the wildest idea, feel free to share it !


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  • She sounds like she is still mad at you for talking to other girls (either innocently or not). Maybe she thinks you cheated on here while she was gone? Right now, she doesn't want to talk to you, so you need to respect that. Give it some more time.

    • *on her

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    • You need to come to peace with the fact you may never get an explanation, as hard as that may be. You need to create you own closure on the relationship by moving on. I know it sucks, but it may be the only way.

    • I guess you're right. This is so childish.
      But thanks for the time you took to answer me !

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  • It's over dude. Let it go. Time to move on with your life. You're now wasting it away just hoping she'll change her mind. News flash! It ain't happenin'. :)

    • I know that man ^^
      But I know her for like 10 years, and I don't want to let go of that link a had with her. I on le want to be friend with her again

    • No, you don't. That would make you a beta-orbiter. In the friend-zone. Where no self-respecting guy wants to be.

      You cannot negotiate attraction or desire. Once a woman loses that, or respect her man, it's never coming back. It's done. Over. Finis.

      No, time to make yourself the most awesome man you can possibly be. Now is the time to focus on your aspirations, your life mission, and become a huge success.

      Quit hanging on to your feelings - that's all they are. Replace them with something else, other life plans, other activities. You're mourning the loss of your dreams you had with her, as much or more so than her as an actual person.

      When you reach success they you'll be in a place to share your life with another. A partner in your life. NEVER put a woman on a pedestal. Never worship a woman. Have options, a plan, be on a mission. And make LOTS of money. Women dig the shit out of that.

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  • She's irrational.
    You can do better.
    She was probably a hoe anyway.

    3 years and lets you go because of something like that?

    She found someone "Better" seems to be the case here !

    • Yeah anyways I suspect she never was totally honestly with me and with herself. I just want to be friend with her again, she still is important to me

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    • And I enjoy writing to many open minded thinkers.

      Best wishes 🍻

    • Thanks !

  • she doesn't want contact with you. it's hard but you gotta move on.

    good luck

    • I want to be friend with her again, so I guess i'll continue try, but thank anyway !

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    • Good plan, I may do that haha

    • right on man :)

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