I want my ex boyfriend back. help me please?

hello everyone. lol I am actually new here. okay okay. haha to the problem. I will really try to summarise

I met this and we fell for each other. but when I met him , he had just met some girl too and was kinda now dating her. so he also started dating me and it became like a double thing. but later on we just stopped and decided to be friends till he can decide what he wants.

now the other girl has been good to him. faithful and all. and his family knows that girl as his girlfriend and the one he will marry. and before he leaves her at least he will need to have a valid reason because even the girls family know about their relationship. (he is 30 so understand he just doesn't wake up and break things up for no reason like teenagers. lol).

okay so because of a lack of reason , he has decided to stay with her. and believe me he and I were good together. he is not even that close to the girl as he was with me.

and the whole point is , I want him back.
I already blocked his number on my WhatsApp. cuz we use to do that a lot. like every sec.

I don't know what to do next. I really don't want to forget him. he is like those matured guys with a future you just don't wanna get rid off.
  • should I forget him?
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  • should I hold on and wait till he realise he can't be happy with her like he was with me?
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What Guys Said 2

  • i dont choose either of the options.
    If you have a very strong feeling for him, then i guess you gotta talk to him about it and let him make the decision.

    If he truly loved you and had fun a lot more than the girl he is with right now, then he would leave her for you.

    If not, then i guess he wasn't the ONE for you

  • You two decided to 'stop it'. Was this decision mutual? Did he suggest it? Did you? I think he saw that you kinda gave up. No matter the reason. What if he had such convo with the other girl too and she refused to stop things?

    • lol I got impatient waiting for him to decide. I felt like if you can't close your eyes and be with me why not. so I guess that kinda pushed us to end it

    • So it's pretty easy for him to blame it all on you. "Nice".

What Girls Said 1

  • He chose her. You ititiated everything and once you stopped he didn't carry on. Therefore he made his choice. Since he had his family meet her and they know her as their future daughter in law, let it go. He chose her.
    I'd be friends at most if he's willing.

    • his family met her before he even got to know me. but thanks tho. good advice. really appreciate

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