What happened? Why did he stop writing me?

I met a guy who I really liked and we exchanged numbers. He really spent a lot of time pursuing me and showing a lot of interest in me. He always initiated conversation and would text me from the morning until night. This went on for a couple of months. He would say things like "so when can I marry you?" We ended up having sex and then he seemed to be even more into me than before. He is a few years younger than me so I would pick fun at him about his age. In my head I was flirting with him but I'm not sure he saw it like that. Things started to get weird though the second time we had sex. He seemed nervous and was having sex with me as if he had something to prove which was completely different than the first time. After sex he started asking me questions about if a lot of guys write to me on Instagram etc... It seemed as if he was being insecure. The night I left his place that he stays at when he is in town, he told me to text him when I got home and I did. We said goodnight and I never heard from him again. I should also mention he lives in a different country then me which obviously would make things difficult to pursue something serious but still.. to go from talking everyday for months to radio silence is a bit shocking for me. He told me we would find a way to make things work. I have to admit I haven't reached out to him at all either. He still watches every Snapchat and Instagram story I post but just doesn't talk to me anymore. On occasion he will send me a Snapchat of himself but that is all... it's confusing? Does anyone have any idea what happened because I'm lost 


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  • He's 100% insecure. Maybe someone said something to him or something happened in his life, regardless it's evident he's not the same anymore. Just talk to him, be upfront. If you don't reach out to him it is just as much your fault as it is his that things didn't work out between you two. In any form of relationship you need to be able to talk about things like this :)


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  • Maybe he was afraid of the way he feels for you.
    And why don't you write him?


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