I can't get rid of my ex, what do I do?

We've been broken up for a year now. We were together 2 years and lived together. He's convinced that we're going to get back together no matter what I say. He asked if we could be friends and I said no because he obviously still has this obsession over me, and because for some reason his presence just stresses me out. But he won't take no for an answer. He just sent me a long message the other day basically saying that he can't bear to say goodbye to me and he's never going to stop trying.

What should I do? Should I threaten to block him? I feel bad doing it because he was a big part of my life and I care about his well being, but he's not giving me much choice. Also I worry that he'd start, like, showing up at my house or something.


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  • gt in to new relationship

    • I am seeing someone new but it's not official yet

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    • aftr break up wch guy r girl likes to be frndz? jus think

    • I don't want to be friends, and I told him that. Which you would know if you read the question.

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