Will my ex boyfriend unblock me and contact me again?

My ex boyfriend is 36 and I'm 29, we both live in Dubai. From day one we knew we were soul mates and meant to be together, we had so much chemistry. He was so into me and I loved how he treated me, he was the most amazing boyfriend and always put me first. He hadn't had a girlfriend in 9 years until he met me so it was very special. 3 months into our relationship I was showing signs of jealousy and paranoia, because everyone I'd been with had cheated and lied to me. I had trust issues, even though I knew he would never cheat on me, he gave me no reason not to trust him. He asked me to move in to make me feel more secure and was supportive. I still went digging, went on his facebook and messaged girls from his past and created a drama for no reason. We were together for a year and a half and 6 months ago he ended our relationship. I just can't get over him, I love him and I'm sorry for what I did. I moved out, I begged, cried and pleaded but he wouldn't give me a chance he said I ruined it. I had to go home for a few weeks to cope with the pain, when I got back to Dubai I lost my job and reached out to him. He was always blocking and unblocking me on whats app but when I spoke to him he was horrible to me, said I deserved it and not to come to him for help. Now he has me blocked on everything but an email address, I want him back, can this ever work out? I know I hurt him but I learnt my lesson and I'd never do that again given the chance. Will he ever talk to me again?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think it's a lost cause, you won't get him back from begging and talking to him.
    Let him go and move on with your life, learn from your mistakes and see other people.
    I'm glad too hear that you admit you were wrong, take this lesson and be a better person, you deserve to be happy and get better, and one way you can do that is learning from your mistakes.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe. Perhaps after a couple of months when the negative emotions from the breakup aren't bothering him anymore. But I'm not sure about it. So don't wait for him, is the only thing I can say.


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