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my ex and I broke up due to many reasons especially age. he said it might work in the future and I've been holding on to that hope for so long. we still talk a lot everyday just without the relationship stuff, he always calls me someone like his sister and asks me if I'm seeing other people. I'm madly in love with him and it is likely that he is too but is just trying to hide it because he's good at that. we still communicate about everything in our lives really openly and we are the bestest of friends but I want to be more than that in the future. am I holding on to a false hope?


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  • things can work in the future, definitely! also relationships that come from a good friendship are always genuine and there's a lot of trust. I wouldn't give up on him. but since you're just friends he might eventually find someone else and that could change everything. how long untill you turn 18? he probably won't be bothered by age difference at that point anymore


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  • No, I do not think this is a false hope. Sadly, you are giving in to pressure from a misguided, politically correct society. I do not know what ages you are, but I do not believe a reasonable age difference is important, providing you stick to the laws of where you live. Also provided your parents do not object.

    Once you are 18, you can do more or less what you like.


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