Too soon to talk?

So I had a flirtatious relationship with a co worker for years, but we were both married and unavailable to each other. Then I discovered that I had been cheated on and proceeded to get divorced. When I told my friend, he was very sweet about it and told me he had been thinking about divorce himself. Fast forward a year and he and I no longer work together because he got a new job. We exchanged numbers and I texted him to see how he was doing at the new place and he seemed happy to hear from me, but didn't pursue any more conversation. After missing him for a couple months, I checked in with a friend of his I still work with and found out he is getting divorced. After this news, I texted him again to see how he was and he didn't reply. Was it just too soon for me to reach out, or is he just not interested in me?
Does anyone else have any opinions?


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What Guys Said 1

  • oh okay i guess you gotta keep trying boo


What Girls Said 1

  • probably just too soon. let him find you.


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