Why do only people like only fair complexion persons?


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  • I'm actually caucasian but quite tan and I get a lot of compliments on my skin color. I had a guy tell me that fair girls look purer than those with a darker skin complexion, he said that girls with black skin look promiscuous. Total bullshit.
    Also, this guy told me once that black girls look somewhat "Manly" pffftt...


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  • When it comes to dating I thinks most skin complexions are nice if the person suits it. I likes both dark and light skin depending on the person, but have a preference for tan. So it's about preferences and actually where I lives being tan or brown is popular.

    In countries like India, Bangladesh, Korea, China etc. being pale is popular because of an old tradition where light skin was associated with wealth and dark skin associated with lower classes. In the past poor peasants, farmers etc. worked much outdoor and got tanned by the sun, but rich people could afford working inside or do almost nothing.


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  • I'm tan (Mediterranean type) and get lots of compliments for it. If people only liked fair complexions, how would you explain that despite my "flaws" (aka dark complexions) I get compliments for it?
    I have been bullied in my younger years of life, and my bullies tried to bring me down by telling me that I look like a gypsy due to my complexions.

  • I'm an nc45 and my friends are nc20's and I make more success with guys than them so...


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