How to deal with depression?

I was in a long term relationship with this girl for 3 years who was also my best friend until she started doing drugs lying hanging out with the wrong crowd. I thought she was the girl I was gonna marry and I treated her that way until she started doing stupid shit. we recently broke up and I've been dealing with deep depression ever since. have any of you guys gone through the same stuff and how did you deal with it.


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  • remember all bad experience with her speak bad about her to yourself once it comes in your subconscious mind you will start to hate her and you know whats next

    • that's good advice

    • thanks man just dont associate word "no" our mind can't understand that word instead of she dont love me say she love someone else or she matter least to me tell it to yourself again and again have party and chill you are fine

  • I believe everyone will go through such phase many times in their lives, mine case after I had lost my job and didn't have the skills to seek another job in the current market. I had to enroll in a course in a different city, pay for it with meager savings, literally I used to eat once a day at a temple, didn't have AC in the cheap room I shared with three others and the toilets were never clean. Everyday I used to be depressed and regret life.

    But there is a saying that give time some time and that time heals all wounds. There is almost nothing anyone can say in this situation which can magically make you feel better. But I can promise you this that if you act smart, focus on yourself, your hobbies, and reconnect with yourself, you are going to forget her and resume living your life.


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