Do all females dislike logical thought, is there a requirement for loosening up and ignoring persistency, or is it just me? Please excuse vulgarity?

I'm a weirdo according to many. I believe I have bad breath, and my armpits stink. My self-esteem is excruciatingly horrid. I have a beard that's inpercistent, and a moustache to go with it. Its not my fault my testosterone levels are high, or is it? I attract people for my quiet way of being, but secretive life of educating (aka Mind Fucking: I question reality and represent it's deeper meaning). I take a long time to open up so people always judge me by my looks. My eyes are hazel, eyebrows from winterfell, and lashes from beauty pageants (naturally of course). Is it considered not being me when I finally open up, or should I stay secretive and live a lie? Besides my hygene, what should I change? Darn too many questions. is it me I should change, or is it sociaty that hasn't been at ease?


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