How are we a burden?

So after years of being married i am now seperated. He says he has always felt burdened with taking care of our family. How does this work exactly? This makes me think my sons and i were the burden. He also doesn't know how he feels about me anymore whether he loves or even cares. He seems to care some but then again he doesn't want to be bothered either. Im just curious to see what other guys think. I know what i have and haven't done to contribute to the dissolution of our relationship. Im just trying to figure him out.


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  • he sounds like a person that never wanted a family but just wanted a partner to fuck..

    • hmm.. this may be possible. he had told me the strangest things and then I'm just left wondering what the hell. just like he was in rebound mode our whole relationship. so we were in a rebound the whole time at least for him anyway. it's just insane to me.

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    • honestly it sounds like he had a great woman in you and he suddenly became an ass hat and now he doesn't deserve you at all.. hope he rots with the ugly piece of ass he chose over you

    • um... thanks... I don't know.. I'm not holding my breath just gonna work on me and keep on going

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  • Is he the father of your sons?

    • yes he is the father of both of my sons

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    • Have you both thought perhaps about having counselling?
      I do wonder if I may be so bold as to ask whether you might have contributed in any way for him to be acting in this way.

    • Thank you for the MHO.

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  • Just selfish. Simple as that.

    • it seems like it at times but then at other times no. I don't know. it would be great if he would talk to me but oh well. just trying to get some closure is all.

  • sweetheart its nothing that you did wrong sounds to me that he wasn't ready to settle down

    • well after twenty years it would have been nice to know sooner. there are things I did and didn't do this I know it's just his issues i don't get hell I'm not sure he gets them either

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    • thank you. just nice to have a male perspective.

    • no problem anytime

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