Did I really mean something to my ex? Did he really love me?

I broke up with my boyfriend two weeks ago who I had been dating for about 4 months. About three weeks after we started dating he told me he loved me. He is a kind of guy who doesn't really express his feelings and I knew it even before we started dating, so it really meant a lot to me. Whenever we're together I could really feel that he enjoyed being with me. But when we're not together, he was just unreachable. He's just too focused whatever he's up to at the moment, so if I'm not around it looked seemed like he didn't care about me at all. We only got to see once a week or twice max, but the only conversation we had when we're not with each other was talking about when we are going to meet the next time, unless I initiate the conversation.

It's not like I wanted him to text me constantly, or I want to know what he's up to 24/7. I respect his privacy but I felt like he didn't feel about me the same way I felt about him and it made me very sad.

Anyway, because of many reasons, we had to break up and I have been going through this emotional crisis because I really really liked him and he meant a lot to me although we had not been dating for that long. I still have feelings for him but it looks like he's doing alright and not that I want him to feel miserable about us breaking up but I feel like this relationship didn't mean much to him. He says he misses me but I don't feel like he means it and it makes me even more pathetic.

Am I just overthinking or is he just... someone who was not that into me?


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  • Whether he showed his feelings or not, you breaking up with him could have hurt him deeper than he's letting on. I know from experience that it's not always easy remaining friends with an ex-girlfriend, even when you still care about them a lot. All I can really recommend is that you give him some time. I'm not saying that you should stop talking to him or even talk to him less, but approach him with a little understanding. Then again, if you don't have much in common and you're not together anymore, small talk may be all you two have left. Most men I know don't do small talk very well.


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  • He was in love with you, which is different than loving you. Your relationship was too short for him to really love you. And about missing you, most people say that after a break up. Mostly they miss the relationship, not the person.


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  • Some guys need more alone time than others. It doesn't mean he didn't love you. But his offline communication definitely needed work. If you're only going to see someone 1-2 a week, having good text/calling skills is a must in today's world.

  • Did he actually break up with you or just stop contact?

    • Actually I am the one who told him we should break up. We decided to remain friends and he still responds to my text.

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    • :( We broke up because we had to... I wish our circumstances were better so we didn't had to break up. But I think we both know we had to end it at some point... it was just a very bad timing. 😢

    • He is likely more upset than you...

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