Is she into me or not? (I couldn't add this in but when I asked her out she didn't just say yes she said of course I will) is she into me?

Ok so I've been dating this girl for a few days now but I've known her for a few years. We talk pretty much all day everyday on snapchat and have already gone on a movie date a few days ago but I feel like she likes me but not really at the same time. Whenever we message each other on snapchat I'm always the one to start the conversation and when I end one she just sends a snap of herself pretty much asking me to start a new conversation. She never asks any questions about me it's only me asking about her and it's been like this even before we started dating. I told her that I never saw the movie she was currently watching and she looked like she was shocked and acted like it too and said "I'm shocked I don't think we can hangout anymore." So I said "how about we hangout and watch the movie together." She responded with "IM SO DOWN." So I said "ok my place or yours?" But all she said was "I was joking but if you want to we can make it work."(she is going through a hard time right now her mom is in the hosptial and she's with her mom. Her mom was in a coma for 2 days and finally woke up today. This is important because she became really sad because she didn't have a good relationship with her mom so I was really supportive towards her and I flirted with her to make her feel better.) <- that is pretty important. But after she said that it really took a hit on me for some reason I just started to doubt our relationship. I was really into her before and I still think she's beautiful but I feel like she doesn't like me as much as I like her and I want to find a girl that likes me as much as I like her. Whenever I mention something that happened to me after responding to something that happened to her or someone she completely blows it off. Like I found this funny photo of me from when I played tee-ball and I mentioned it but she just ignored it and didn't mention it in her response. In person she asked stuff about me but like a how about you question. Help please 


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