Should I contact him?

Well long story short. This guy I like contacted me on fb 3 months ago and though I didn't want to give him a chance I did. it was surprising on the first night we hung out and the second. and we started dating but then after 3 weeks he slowly stopped talking to me: no longer randomly texting me and asking me to hang with him. I don't think I did anything wrong. And even after the second semester was over he would answer my messages but not initiate. Then at the end of May my friend told me that she talked to him and even brought me up. He says that we parted ways silently, He says that he really likes me but he has so much going on like what's happening to his sister and his family and his summer school and other things...I understand him and all and I know that he needs his time. But then I feel hurt too because of how he took it. It was immature, rude and inconsiderate of him to stop talking to me without telling me in the face. And didn't bother to consider how it would hurt me and how I would view it. Is priorities do not cover it at all.

I want to talk to him again and tell him that. But judging from personal experience., I do not want to and he needs his time. But I want answers as well. Should I contact him or not contact him? If so then how?

just a reminder it's been two months since I've talked to him


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  • I think you should give him a bit of time and then contact him because these things can't be happening to him all the time. If they are then it could be a lie, I mean, He said you parted your seperate ways silently, But did you know about that?

    • Yes...I did after I felt everything going down hill. I think he's to scared to tell me. And no what he said about his family and his school work and all the other priorities are not lies...he made it clear to me when we hung out the second time and it was pretty hard on him.

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    • By space do you mean in the conversation or just don't talk to him yet. I mean it's been two months.,

    • I'd say give him about 1 week and then go back to talking to him.

  • I went through a situation where a girl ignored me too for a very long time. If you still really like him or are interested then there is no harm in sending him another message. Be prepared though that when people disrespect you before they will likely do it again. You may end up hurting yourself some more. But again, if you feel like pursuing this then go ahead. It's been 2 months after all and it won't be a bother to him at all. No one is too busy for anyone else, that's a bullsh*t excuse. He probably for whatever reason wanted time alone because of past stuff or just stressed out, but no one is too busy I guarantee it.


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