So here's a new one.. maybe you'll might hav an idea about my previous part of life?

So today is my ex's birthday... i guess m still hung up on her pretty bad... no i dnt miss her... cz missing her would mean i want the exact same thngs back what i used to have with her... but i do think about her... her sister posts her pic evry now n then... i am still in contact with her sister.. it keeps buggng me... i dont know what m i suppose to do.. i still hv her things with me... i still hav the ring she gave me back... i dont knw why i hav kept it wth me..


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  • The only way you'll completely move on is by moving.
    Why having contact with her sister when it doesn't seem right (/is bugging you) ?
    Except if she's your friend or you lik her, cut the contact.
    Tell your ex you have her stuff and ask her if she wants them back.
    If she doesn't, sell them or throw them away -> don't keep them.
    For the ring, I guess you'll do the same as for her things.
    It's normal to want to keep things, but you can't turn the page in this case.

  • it sounds like you still want her more than you think. if you don't miss her get rid of her stuff. unfriend the sister and sell the ring! or just stop lying to yourself and get her back! life is way to short for "what if" and "do i"! make a move and let me know!!! good luck!

    • i got too much of ego to talk to her... no i cnt get her out of my mind... every thot of her pisses me out... bt i also want her to be alryt.. to be fine... evrytym i think about her.. i see she's wth someone else.. or probably gonna get married.. bt i still want her to b alryt... cz i made some promises.. m gona stick to it

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  • Get rid of that shit right away! The day my wife and I split, I knew GOD forbid, next time I have to see her would be in a time of tragedy. I was @ the pawn shop one hour after the the split! I got $50.00 for my wedding band. She got hold of my brother to ask about her ring? I told her to keep it, pawn it, IDGAF!


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