My ex keeps wanting to be friends even after I said I didn't like that idea. What is wrong with him?

My ex and I broke up 2 weeks ago. He wanted to stay friends but I refused. Simply because I still feel sad (even though the break up is mutual) and I don't want to be obsessed and keep following him on social media. Therefore, I told him how I felt and unfriended him. But every time I unfriend him, he keeps adding me back!

I even threatened him that if he continued to do so, I would considered that action as he wanted to make up and be in a relationship with me again. But he didn't care and kept adding friends me.

So I added him once and when I started the conversation, asking why he does so, he ignored me. So I unfriended him and then the cycle started again: he added me back.

This time I blocked him for good. So annoying. I must admit that I still have feelings for him. But why does he keep messing with me like that?


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  • Sorry to say but, the guys a dickhead and this is what he felt about you all along.

    • You mean he just wants to mess with me right? Yeah. I think so too.

    • Yeah, even though you got into an argument, he showed what he's all about. Children run to mommy & daddy when things dont work out. I dont run when things dont workout!

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  • did he say he want you?

    • Nope. He said nothing. So I blocked him for good now. I just feel weird that he keeps messing with me.

    • That's weird I got an idea why don't you talk with him and ask him
      do you want me back

    • Thanks for your advice. I tried but he just kept silence. That was why I blocked him :) It's okay. I will just do the same - ignore him. Thanks for hearing my story ^^

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  • he either wants you back or just wants to keep tabs on you and mess with your emotions

  • Because you allow it


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