What's the deal with my ex?

So, we were together almost a year, but he broke up ( he initiated and 'was mutual'- I didn't wanted him by force) and didn't talked since. We would sometimes say hi if we met but not always. Last night there was a festival and a part of it was a fake wedding if you wanted. My guy friend proposed and we went in line. Then we saw my ex. My guy friend then started to act like a boyfriend (they don't know each other) and my bff said he looked us. Then my ex started to get closer to talk to some people and he was two steps away. We got married and left. My ex then came to where we were and I saw his eyes on me but he looked away. He and his friends all passed next to me to go get a beer, even thou they could by beer and walk anywhere else (the festival had multiple beer stands). I don't get it and did he even see me or were his eyes wandering?


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  • I think he wanted to approach you to talk but got cold feet when he saw you with your guy friend and it could be lot of things but as they say
    a ex is ex for a reason.


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  • Maybe he wanted to go talk to you but didn't know how to approach you because you were with your friend/fake husband so he was hoping you could notice him first and go say something

    • I don't know, it's been 10 months since the break up and I don't get why he still tries to ignore me. I would say hi all the time, but cuz of his behavior I feel it would awkward

    • *It would be awkward

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