My emotions are all over the place? help me please?

My first boyfriend and I have been broken up almost a year now. I know but we have spoken a little over this period. I loved him dearly and care for him still. I wish I can just speak to him but I can't because he won't let me. I have some unanswered questions. I feel like he dumped me because for other reasons. I never got the closure I wanted from him and probably never get it.

I was loyal, honest, and caring. I had my flaws but overall, I meant very well he even said it.

I just feel lost. I feel my mine is going in circles with who fault is it. I feel like I just LOST because my emotions were so wrapped around me loving him. And he just dumped out of the blue. How do I get past these mixed emotions?

I feel like I am going crazy now.

I really I sad.

Thanks, and be nice


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  • if he told you , you are fat or your breath smelled, would it make it any easier for you ? He just was not that into you and you can't really explain that to a woman, if he has nothing to say then he does not want to share those emotions with you for the sake of your emotions. XOXO

  • OMG poor girl! He is cruel for making you feel like this. You did nothing wrong OK and you can do WAY better then this guy. Here is a to a youtube clip that always seems to lift my spirits when I'm feeling like crap.I know its childish but f*** it. Personally I think its really kick ass. Think of your ex as the evil purple robot in this clip and think of yourself as red/orange robot who is kicking ass. Watch the whole clip its so fricken cool!


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