What's worse?

What's worse. #1 Not showing up for a visit ,when you have not seen someone in a year ? or #2.Them not returning your email after you did not show up ?


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  • Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Did you flake without any prior warning? I'm guessing you did.

    • Wel he told me to call when I got there , so I thought that meant he'd be too busy to check emails, so don't contact before going & I had tons if stuff to take care of so I showed up 2months after I expected & he had to back home to work of course.

      & then he found out I lived in the same place he was moving to, so he srarted writing again, but I was not there 'yet' -he wrote for a while, then he told me to write when I actually got there&again I was late , & yea so I think our 'attempt' is done

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  • Both are not good excuses or situations. The best thing right now is both individuals trying to compromise and reschedule a meeting time that will actually work out.

  • Depending on why you didn't go . If you couldn't then they should understand. other wise they are both wrong and immature


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