So I'm in a complicated situation and I need help?

I've recently become involved with a pretty, young girl and I'm helping her with her depression and mental issues (I'm mid way through my councillor cert) and she has developed feelings for me, due to her past and circumstances that I see her, it's become infinitely more difficult to let her down and tell her I don't want to be with her without a potential suicide victim on my hands. Anyone out there with more experience in this know how I should let her know how I feel without destroying the friendship and communication channels?


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  • been in that situation. are u helping her professionally or Not?

    • I wouldn't say professionally but that's the whole basis of out friendship/relationship is to help her

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    • Yea that, could work if I see her again shortly, for the time being it's only electronic contact we have, text Facebook and phone calls but thanks for the advice I'll see if I can implement it

    • id try to Meet up. you can't do it right the Electronic Way. np Wish u the best

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  • has she gone to a psychiatrist? taking any meds?

    • She believes the problem is with everyone else so she won't go and see anyone about it. And refuses to evey time I bring it up

  • Her mental health isn't your business


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  • By young girl do you mean under 18 because if your over 18 and she's a minor you legally and morally cannot become involved with her. if she's over 18 than if you like her than try and help her get through her struggles. if you don't than tell her the truth and dont sugar coat it.

    • Age is not an issue, and laws are different from country to country

    • Also I think if I tell it to her straight, she will try suicide again, it's not an easy situation to get out of

    • Tell her in the best way you can why should her life be in your hands.

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