Is there any chance for this relationship to work again?

So 2 years ago i really fell in love with this girl. From the first moment i just knew she is the one for me. Only one smile from her was all i needed for my day to be perfect. And we got together. We were together for about a year and then i really screwed up. I focused on my job and took her for granted. And like that it was all over. The breakup was eye opener for me- never a day passes by when i do not blame myself and hate myself for that.

We have been in a really strange friend/hate relationship after that. The last 4 month she was in a different country and now that she is back we have started getting along again. I have never stoped loving her. And she is starting to feel the same again too. We have both understood what we did wrong and we want to try again. But here is the problem - she was with another boy in the time we were separated. A one night stand. I know that we were not in a relationship and she was free to do whatever she wanted and that is fine. But for some reason I still feel like i was betrayed and i just feel sick. Has anybody been in this kind of situation? Will it ever go away and will i ever be able to love her without thinking about that? Even though i love her so much i fear that this will never let me be and eventually it will do a lot of damage...


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  • If you guys really love each other you can move past this and start over.


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