If you were cheated on , how would you react?

All of the subject is in the title ^^ Would you dumb her , take your revenge? Be honest pls.


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  • I always see in movies that people break up and don't want to talk each other.
    I know it would hurt me and I know I would be sad and think that might be my fault becouse I'm not good enough. But I'm not revange person. I would totally lose trust to that person, but I would talk to him about it. And end this (or try to make things right back again) peacefully. ;)

    • I see. I should be able to talk about it with her?

    • Umm maybe. It's not like that you will be able to do it, maybe you will not, I don't know, I'm not you. But know it would be hard. Maybe you would need some time and then talk. Listen. Learn from yours and hers mistakes.
      And I don't know what person are you. You want revange or not?
      But think about it, don't be as bad as she. Try to be better than her.

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  • Talk about it and see if I can forgive my partner?

    • Does your opinion change if she cheated more than once?

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    • hm you are right ty !

    • You're welcome! Pick my answer as the most useful then ;) lol

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