Relationship advice please help?

So basically, me and my ex broke up almost 2 weeks ago after being on and off since January, and before that we where togetherness 2 years and Broke up August last year. We where alright he was still friends with me on fb and didn't block, he deleted me off snapchat cause I kept snapping him. I was out Friday night and ran into him and got really upset and I got told I slapped him, like not a full on slap like a pat on the face, so I felt it after I apologised, then today he started making cheeky digs at me (were in a group chat with our friends) so I text him asking whys And he wasn't pretty annoyed, then told me to delete everything's of USB off Facebook and then he delteded me and now the 'add friend' button isn't pressable! It's still there but I can't press it, he's came back before and he said he made a mistake breaking up but done it anyway, he deals with stuff with anger, I honestly don't know what this means, I didn't mean to hurt him and he knows that he's just really angry, what does this mean? He's so stubborn I just want to be friends and move on with my life because of who our friends are


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  • I'm not going to lie I'm not reading that whole story but here is my answer ex boyfriend or girlfriend dont talk to them dont move backwards in life you broke up for a reason move on to bigger and better never move back in life

  • well. the good news is you no longer have a relationship. he's ended it.

    and he's not going to want to be friends. however he will politely ignore you if you meet when your with them


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