Will he come back to being not just friends?

My ex broke up with me recently because he says he's not perfect for me and more, but I don't wanna say the rest. He was perfect for me in my opinion. He says he still loves me a lot. I asked "tell me. Do you want to be just friends always?" Over text. He replied "I don't know I can't answer." He still wants to kiss me and stuff, he said before, but we don't anymore. I told him I can't be just friends with him always and if he wants to be just friends we'll have to stop talking. He texts me good morning and good night still. I told him to take his time, but not too long, and tell me later. He said ok. Says he'll always love me.
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  • If you can't face talking about the other reasons he broke up with you, I doubt that he is "perfect" for you.

    • He said he doesn't think the age gap is good

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    • He turned 18 4 months before we started dating

    • That makes my suspicion even stronger that the age gap is a pretext and there is another reason for the breakup.

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