He posted a snapchat story of him kissing another girl on the cheek on a night out?

I'm pretty hurt right now TBH. the caption read "Italian Stallion" I'm guessing in reference to her because he is not Italian and she is well endowed. We've been casually seeing each other for a few months. And I was supposed to see him today. so... now what? before I saw that story I actually sent him a nude and now I just feel so stupid.


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  • if you want, do it in person
    don't risk sending nudes, haven't you heard enough stories of females having their lives ruined by this? or are just not willing to hold up to better standards?

    anyways by the looks of it he seems like a douche, so red flag
    if you are expecting this to go somewhere meaningful, well don't


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  • I guess it depends if there are any other indicators but he sounds like he's enjoying himself and his freedom which technically he does have - but if he were serious about you he'd have been more mindful


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  • Stallion is a male horse. He's a tool.


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