Will you show your concern / give your regards to your ex if he or she is injured?

Say you know your ex got injured, big or small, will you show your concern by sending him or her a text message, asking him how is he or she is holding up? Not trying anything but merely a concern.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the severity of the injury. And it depends on whether you broke up with them or they broke up with you.
    My ex broke up with me and to be honest it would have to be pretty bad to warrant a text from me showing my concern. I do care about him but in the end, he broke my heart and so he doesn't deserve for me to come running with concern every little thing that happens to him. That's life. Unless, as I said, it was very bad.

    • I respect that, but a break up isn't always just one party's problem so when a break up happens, instead of blaming your ex for initiating it, have you thought about is there a reason why your ex would leave you?

    • Of course but that doesn't change my answer.

      I should also add, it would depend on how long you have been broken up.
      I have a good example for you. My ex broke up with me and 6 weeks later I was hit by a car and ended up in hospital. He did reach out just saying he hoped I was okay and was there for me if I needed him. And I respected that, I was not annoyed at him for reaching out especially because it had been so recent since our split. I probably would have been upset if he had said nothing to me about it.
      After this same incident, an ex from almost 3 years ago reached out which I thought was nice but wasn't expecting it at all and then he started going into the whole "I miss you, I wish we could keep talking" shit. (I should mention, he has a new girlfriend now and was a serial cheater when we were together) so I thought it was a bit annoying after the initial "Hope you're okay" text and just didn't want to get back into contact with him.

      Hope this gives some insight!

Most Helpful Guy

  • Absolutely. Even though we didn't get our marriage to work, we do have a wonderful daughter together and for my daughters sake, I'd be there.

    • Now that is what maturity looks like.

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  • Depends on how bad the breakup was and if we still talk or not. Probably not if it was a small thing but if he was hospitalized I might express concern.

  • i don't care him

    • That's cold lol. Your ex is lucky for being your ex.

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