Girls, my girlfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago?

Hello this is my first time here. My girlfriend and I had been dating for four months. And about the second month my job lead 25 people off. My girlfriend was planning on moving to Columbus to go to graduate school. Being that I had lost my job and nothing was tying me down to Cincinnati we decided it was a good idea for me to move to Columbus. This became very stressful on both of us and I started feeling very insecure with the move. This came out in our relationship with me questioning things. Although the last two months were a bit difficult for both of us we both truly still cared about each other. Since the break up all she asked for was space. But obviously I was heartbroken. I still contacted her daily and we would talk. We even went out on a Saturday to a waterpark and had a great time together. But since then she has been really upset and yes even sad. As have I. We always said we were a great team and perfect for each other. Yesterday was the first day I did not contact her. She still checks my snaps and when we talk she asks about my new job and living situation. She showed she truly cares but I feel she is really upset with me still. We are broken up now but I really feel we should give it another shot. How should I proceede. She moves to Columbus at the end of this month.


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  • I would just cut your losses now. It was short relationship that crumbled when moving too fast and insecurities happened. I think you should give her space like you said you would and see how both of you feel after the move and she is settled over their and you are by yourself without her close.

    • I agree... but I do live here in Columbus now. I wound up moving up there first after finding a job rather quickly. Funny part about that is he job sucked and my living situation was crap... so since then this past week I have found a better position and potentially a better living situation... so yes I am letting her be. It sucks but it's what she asked for in the first place.

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