Worth fighting for? Loveless marriage?

I've been married 10 years now. We have 2 kids which I adore. However about 7 years ago my wife and I started becoming more distant. Since the start of 2017 we have made love once. She is always preoccupied with work, or chatting to her coworkers. She maintains she loves me and wants to fix things, and after an argument things will be good for a day or 2. But then it reverts to original state of apathy. I feel so empty, drained, and alone. She says her issues are where we live, and my family. She has also stated that unless I make more money and buy a nicer house she won't focus on trying to make me happy.

Is it too late already? I feel so weighted down that I could break any time.
Worth fighting for? Loveless marriage?
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