What do I do to get my ex back? Worth fighting for?

Basically me and my ex have got to the stage where we were arguing about things, and we've gave each other space, and she's blocked me on everything, but this girl is the love of my life she is everything to me and it's been 3 months and I can't stop thinking about her, even though I heard she kissed a boy a few nights ago on a night out

We broke up because it spilled out that I had messaged a girl for about 5 minutes twice explicitly, but it was due to anxiety of her leaving me as I didn't want to be alone, I had forgiven her a year earlier for kissing a guy when she was basically passed out because I truly love her..

But what I'm asking is what is the best way to show her what she means to me, she's my world, and I only want advice that will help get me her back


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  • Yeah you just have to spill your emotions to her and hope that it works... but if she's kissing other guys then why would u wanna get back with her? That means she's gonna do it again and then there's gonna be more arguments... its like a damn cycle and you might just be blinded by love... You find another... but anyways other than that you just go all out and spill all of your emotions and apologize... but if the same shits gonna happen again I don't see why u would wanna be with her again...

  • go up to her and say that Bro I'm in same sort of situation. Do it go to her house rn and tell her how much you love her.

    • But it's like 11pm ahaha

  • Fuck her dog


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