Would you still give your ex another chance in relationship even if you dont want to be with them anymore?

would you still give your ex another chance in the relationship even if you dont want to be with them anymore? or just wanna be single? etc..
but you still have feelings for them and/or miss them..
  • Yes, I would still give them another chance
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  • No, I would give them another chance only if I really want to be with them
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  • Seriously.. that question is kind of answering itself..
    Where is the point when I don't want it?
    A relationship is built on the feelings from both members.. if you don't have any then why bother?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Getting back together with an ex is complicated and stressful. It's only worth the trouble if it's REALLY what you want. Plus, if your heart isn't in it, it's unlikely to succeed.


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  • I wouldn't give an ex another chance, regardless of my feelings for her.

  • This is a recipe for disaster

    • why?

    • Giving someone another chance is already a risk, because they are generally more likely to repeat their behaviour, since they got away with it before. On top of that, you don't really want to get back with them because you don't have feelings for them. As a result, neither of you will be satisfied in the relationship, as neither of you gets what they want out of the relationship, and therefore you will both be even more likely to hurt one another.

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