Should I meet with my ex when I asked to meet him? (he dumped me)

So after 2 weeks of not contacting my boyfriend ( who asked me for a break because of issues in his life) I emailed him asking if he would like to get a drink, maybe talk about things but with no pressure.

He responded saying he has no problem meeting up, never would. but as for talking, nothing has really changed.

I want to see him so badly, and I want him back, but I am afraid seeing him would have no point other than to make me more sad. Should I see him for the sake of someday getting back together? or just ignore his email and take that has a no?

OK, I think I can do that...but what about them email I sent him asking to meet me, how do I respond back to him when he agreed to? I kinda don't want to respond at all, but then it would seem weird, asking for to meet then leaving it hanging


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  • It's too soon for you two to see each other.

    What ever you choose to do, just remember that he needs time to miss you. This is why you read about the no contact rule. This is very affective on the dumpee. It gives the dumper the space/break that hey have wanted. The dumpee doesn't have a chance to make things worse and has time to reflect on the whole situation.

    Now, this works to your advance on so many levels, if you follow it through. That means no calling, texting, emails, etc. By disappearing you then get in his mind. He thinks about you, what are you doing, why aren't you calling, have you moved on, did I make a mistake? This is the best way for him to miss you. Get in his head, while you sit back and do nothing, well not nothing you are preparing yourself for him to reach out to you. By then, you won't want him anymore. :)

    Good luck to you.

    • Good advice, I tried the no contact for 2 weeks... was very hard. Now that I have broken the no contact rule with the email, and he responded saying he would see now do I just ignore that email/? should I respond? I want to see him but maybe its not a good idea?

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    • Exactly what you said to me, "I want to see you, but maybe its not a good idea". That's it.

    • I was thinking of not responding or saying somehting like "Im doing good, (he asked how I was) there's a lot of exciting things going on! This week I'm starting a job training, not sure what the days/hours will be like yet." and just leave it at that? but the problem is that I initiated the meetup and now I'm acting like I'm too busy...looks like I'm playing games!

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  • I think that you shouldn't talk to him!


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