Should we get back?

i was talking to this guy during the winter and we started to develop feelings for each other and we hung out and he asked me out and I said yes then I was talking to my friend and she told me he was a player so I broke it off with him but we just recently started talking again and he wants to hangout and try again to prove he's not a player...what should I do?


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  • how did he "prove" he was a player in the first place? or did you just listen to what your friend said and then assume he would still be a player while dating you...

    look people make mistakes and do stupid immature things when they are younger...who says you hadn't changed his ways...maybe you were different than the other girls...for you to break off a relationship because you HEARD and had no proof from what I'm reading that he was a player was immature on your part and I wouldn't even want someone back who thought that of me and had no proof and was just going off assumptions or RUMORS...did he cheat on you? I mean you just said your friend said he was a player so you dumped him...NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO LEAVE SOMEONE YOU LIKE...if you ask me it was just stupid to break it off w/o any proof...but taht was your decision...sure give him a shot if you think he's different but no where did you indicate you yourself saw him cheating or somewhow he prooved he was a player...sounds strange to me...


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  • So I'm guessing you talked to him about what you heard from your friend, and if he's now trying to prove he's not a player, then your friend was probably right. What was your impression of him before you heard that from her - did he seem like a player to you? I think if you feel he really is keeping himself honest and responsible with you so far, maybe you should give him a chance, all the while still being alert


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