Ex sent me a mix?

My ex and I went out for about 6 months and I ended it a little over a week ago.
I don't think it was a bad break up; long story short, we started doing long distance for a month and I didn't feel comfortable with him drinking and smoking with his ex, other girls&guys and not hearing from him the whole night. I kept getting anxious when I didn't hear from him over night so I decided to end it. The next day he sent me a text saying
"I don't think I'll find another girl like you though I respect your decision because I don't want you to suffer because of me."
I wished him the best and the next day he sent me another short message which I didn't reply to.
A week later (today) he sent me a mix. He's been making this throughout us dating and my guess is worked on it a little bit after we broke up as well.
The song's aren't sappy love songs. just some songs that i really like and some songs he put in as well.
I'm not sure if i should reply because I'm not completely over him. I want to be on good terms and be friends when I'm over him which I think will take me about a month or two. Should I ignore his mix for now and reply to him in a month or two thanking him? Or should i just send a short message right now?

also what is he thinking?


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  • Just ignore and you're wanting to be friends is a pipe dream


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