How did you think he felt when he read my message? Picture yourself in his shoes. "Yes I said some harsh crazy stuff" But he said worse to me. Wdyt?

So recently my Ex blocked me out of nowhere on snap when I haven't texted him for more than a week. I kept posting good stuff about my life, and my new crush. Next thing I know I'm blocked. Me and him been through a lot. He was my first everything. The curiosity fu**ing ate me on why he did it. I hit him up and I never got a reply. I also confronted him on a matter and he never answered me. I said this to him. I wanted to hurt him. I wanted him to read it and feel like I slapped him. I wanted to hit him where he was vurnable. I wanted to hurt him like he hurt me before saying my final goodbye, but he never answered. What do you think went through his head, and why do you think he blocked me suddenly?

"Are you at least going to answer that? You've disrespected me, and you didn't see me ringing up your phone. You didn't see me disrespecting you. I scroll down to text someone I haven't spoken to in awhile and see that you've blocked me. The curiosity eats at me. Like I don't care for you anymore. Ever since the break up. My feelings began fading too, and surprisingly I've had so many guys at work take an interest in me. One actually planned on taking me to prom. But I have eyes for Joshua. I've been asked out on a date. Life is good for me. Made new friends. What makes me curious is that did I upset you? Cause that's not my intention. If I wanted to crush you. I would have. And I would have done it harshly. You made me realized that I dated a child. To me you're still a kid. Anyways, enjoy your life Kevin c; and here's a little advice. Stay away from your PC sometimes. Dating a chick you met online and you never met her? You weren't anything before YouTube."


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  • sounds like you need to move on, you sound crazy sending that to him as if you're the one who can't move on and is still wanting him

  • he won get over it


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