What is up with my ex's behavior?

So she dumped me over two months ago. Been friendly, cold, friendly, cold, super friendly last week and now cold again. All I ever do is say Hi and bye to her whenever I see her.

She tried to make me jealous within the first two weeks but I simply kept distance. She tries to make conversation with me but I keep it to a minimal and would simply walk away.

Two fridays ago, she was extremely playful, teasing, and even got a bit jealous when i teased another girl. This past Thursday, I saw her at the gym and she was staring and looked really upset. The following day, she post on her instagram of a guy who was trying to get with her when we were together. She posted something like that several months ago


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  • She's playing games with you. She just wants to keep you there as an option in the case that she won't find anyone else. Let her go.

  • She's playing games


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