So... wtf can I do?

so im with this girl and we are just a ting but today i think i fucked it up, i exposed some info that 1st i thought the other person knew and 2ed i was deeply depressed and i didn't think about what i said, i think i might have fucked it up, you see in my passed relationships i have been with high maintenance girls who i had to change who i am for them, they yelled at me when i didn't make a big deal about stuff and now i realized i dont need to change my fliter but i need to remove it, i have but dont think i can get her back (me and her are still talking and stuff but i think she doesn't want me anymore (but she wants the real me and thats what im being now but she doesn't see it))


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  • Well it might be too late with her but learn this lesson for the next girl

    • tbh i think she's the one... I've never been with someone like her before, i always had to change myself for the other person and i dont like it, she's the one person who likes me for me

    • i think she might still like me because she keeps making excuses to kiss me but I don't know how to show her that im myself now

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