Do ex bfs miss their ex gfs? do they feel emotions like girls do? do they ever think of them? or will they ever want a friendship?

i know as women we feel emotions at times, missing our exs, wishing we could give it a shot etc. I am wondering do guys feel these emotions. Do you ever miss your ex? do u initiate contact as friends? sometimes guys can leave the girl they are with for a better flavour, will exs still think of their ex flavour?


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  • If she cheated on me she's dead to me. With most of my exes, I feel like they are family and we're on good terms but we rarely talk. With one we're good friends but I have zero interest in having a boyfriend/girlfriend type thing. And if she acted like she wants that it'd be a big turn off.

    For me, I have a lot of emotions during a relationship but if enough bad stuff happens I reach a point where I flip a switch and shut off most of the feelings... and even if I have feelings I hide them so things can end smoother.

    • ihear you... but what if u tot she is cheating on u but isn't...

    • wouldu ever realize it?

    • It's like a courtroom situation. She got dumped/convicted based on evidence and/or the fact she lies so much nothing she says has any value. How can she fix it? She would need someone I trust 1,000% to vouch for her.

      Plus after a break up all the cute stuff you think your partner did is not so cute anymore. Whatever stuff you put up with becomes 'wtf'. So unless she was a saint she has an uphill battle to fix all of that too.

      It's probably better for her to find another guy.

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  • Let's see, girlfriend 2 was a cheating whore. No I don't miss her, I don't want anything to do with her. girlfriend 1, I think abiut fairly often, but there is nothing I can do there. I miss her, I have feelings for her, but there is nothing I can do about it.

  • the girl i had a child with will always be my most remembered ex. i think about her every day to be honest. i love her and always will but i hate that i do and will. we broke up o. valentines day 2015 about 2am. since then i have had flings here and there but not a singlr girl that i would date haven't even considered it. to be honest it really did break my heart. but i got over it, moved on with my life just got my own place. just want to be with my boy now.

  • I still miss my ex... it's been almost 2 years now.

    • why dontu contact her?

    • because the relationship is not repairable. The last time I considered getting back together with her I wanted to see if she would tell me the truth on something that I knew about her. She lied, and that sealed it. I cannot be with a woman who will lie to me or about me.

  • all depends on the situation. ..

  • I would not touch her even with radioactive gloves on.

    • wowended that bad?

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    • truebut u can always give a second chance... we all mke mistakes

    • the second chance does not involve making more mistakes 😋😋 maximum would be send a text once a year or something, if there is something to text about of course lol... but depends on if you fish for reaction on the other hand...

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