I need ideas to get over a guy?

Okay so I need ideas to get over this manwhore of a guy I fell in love with he ended it and tbh in angry and upset to the point or to my point where I don't wanna feel this way anymore so please give me ideas because I've been trying to keep myself busy with not thinking about him but then I just feel worse.


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  • You see you problem is you try to not think about him when in all acuality you shoukd acknowledge you guys broke up and just say I don't need him and I'll find better. Literally millions of guys in the world and you're stuck in the one who obviously didn't care about you.


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  • How recent is this? In the beginning of a breakup, I let myself think of him, think of the relationship, and I allow myself to cry and grieve for the relationship. After I feel like I am done with my grieving and crying, I do my best to not think of him, granted sometimes once in a while something slips and I cry a bit, but generally the worst of the crying has already happened previously.

    Definitely go no contact. Continue to stay busy, pick up a new hobby, spend time with friends.

    Forgive yourself. It's not your fault he turned out to be a manwhore who didn't treasure you/your feelings. It's okay to have made a mistake, sometimes we love people we shouldn't, that happens. Recognize it is not your fault, there is nothing you could have done to make him less of a manwhore, he made choices and decisions that you could not sway (you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink).

    And then allow yourself time. You don't magically wake up one morning and you're over a person you cared deeply for. It's a gradual process. Give yourself time and don't be disappointed in yourself that it isn't happening right away.


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  • Come have 3sum with me and my girlfriend 😘


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  • I don't know how long it has been but this is the only way: Give it time!!
    Took me months to get over a break up. Keeping yourself busy is the best thing to do, and indeed you may feel worse, however, you shouldn't keep these feelings in. It's okay to cry. Pamper yourself and try to make yourself feel good. What makes you happy? What makes you smile?


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